Why We Exist

We desire to fill a gap in the pediatric limb difference community.  Many resources are available and each one has its niche.  Currently, there is no one spot for families/parents to go to find all of these resources.  Families are left to search these out and spend countless hours of stress and frustration trying to get what they need. They are overwhelmed and often aren’t aware of the resources and networks in existence. Our vision is to provide ONE hub that points and connects them and develop new resources to fill current holes in our community.

Too many also lack a tribe, a group of supportive people who share their difficulties and victories .

They need parent networks. The children need role models and each other.

The concept of NUBTribe arose out of a parent’s journey. The founder, Karen Gilbert, spent literally thousands of hours researching resources for her limb-different adopted daughter from China. And she found some! But it wasn’t easy. Since her frustration seemed to be a common experience, she started sharing resources, but the need has become so great that a more formalized approach is needed,

meaning a HUB for all things NUB!