Karen Gilbert - President

Ms. Gilbert is our Executive Director and the founder of NUBTribe. She is the mother of  a trilateral amputee daughter, and has been providing resources to, networking with, and advocating for limb-different individuals since 2014. She holds a BS in Pastoral Ministries and a Masters of Theology from Campbellsville University. Ms. Gilbert has diverse experience in training, personal and organizational development, teambuilding and ministry. She is passionate about the limb different community receiving resources and support as she has personally shared some of the same struggles.

Yvonne Llanes - Vice-President

Ms. Llanes is a Global Amputee Ambassador and an award winning Para-athlete.  She is also a former Asst. Principal who takes pride in using her 20+ years as an educator to teach, encourage and motivate other amputees to live a full and productive life.  Ms. Llanes is also a bilateral above knee amputee. She is passionate about NUBTribe’s mission of providing resources to families.

Jordan  Churchill - Secretary

Ms. Churchill is the current Director of Special Education at Colorado Connections Academy, serving the entire state of CO.  She cares deeply about children and families with special needs and/or any differences. She serves them with grace , kindness and exceptional communication.  She is excited about NUBTribe’s mission to serve special needs families. 

Brandon Walker - Treasurer

Mr. Walker has a background in accounting, statistics and is an Actuary. He brings his financial expertise and gifts of organization and administration to NUBTribe. He is the current Finance Officer at Tipp Investments and Bay View Coffee.  Mr. Walker has a huge heart for underserved children and youth and shares the mission of NUBTribe. 

Justine Clifton - Board Member and Ambassador

Ms. Clifton has recently earned her Masters- Engineering Mgmt, Orthotics & Prosthetics.  As a trilateral congenital amputee she has a lifetime of experience in occupational therapy, physical therapy and prosthetics via her own experience.  She has served in a variety of volunteer roles serving the amputee / limb different community and is also an accomplished mentor and motivational speaker.  Due to growing up as a congential amputee, she understands the challenges that these families face and is excited to share her knowledge and experience

Sarah Cronin - Board Member and Ambassador

Ms. Cronin is a bilateral upper congenital amputee and is employed as a Secondary Education Math Teacher.  Her expertise lies in her life experience and brings her joy for life and adaptation to others where she often volunteers with physically different children and youth.  Given her vast knowledge of what this unique community’s struggles and joys, she is passionate about NUBTribe’s mission to serve and support these children and families. 

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